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Become an Event Partner

Thanks for your interest in becoming an Event Partner for Social Media Week. To become an Event Partner and to host a session during Social Media Week you must sign-up or login to access the application form.

Please contact your local city organizer if you have any questions or inquiries.

Click here to download the SMW Event Partner Deck.

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2015 Event Submission Milestones

  1. February: Opens October 8th / Closes December 12th
  2. June: Opens March 10 / Closes April 10th
  3. September: Opens June 3rd / Closes July 31st
  4. November: Opens July 8th / Closes October 2nd

Why become an Event Partner?

  1. Engage your organization in the conversation that is relevant to your cause or industry
  2. Gain recognition as a thought-leader or influencer in your field or industry
  3. Amplify your message using the Social Media Week platform
  4. Attract brands and networks of relevant hyper-social influencers
  5. Brand Awareness & Recognition – your organization is placed on the global stage and gains more exposure & credibility
  6. Business Development – your organization has the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with new partners/clients and deepen existing relationships.

How does it work?

  1. You will need to fill out the initial application questionnaire to help the local city organizer better understand your organization’s qualifications to host a SMW event.
  2. The local city organizer will review your application. This might take a few weeks. If your event does not meet the proper criteria, it is common for the local city organizer to send you additional requests and information on how to improve the content and format.
  3. If successful and your event gets approved, you will be notified by the local city organizer.
  4. Instructions will be sent to you on how to publish your event to the schedule. Our event system allows you to manage and process registration.

What kinds of events can I host?

  1. Themes, topics and conversations that serve the greater good
  2. Content that pushes the boundaries, provides thought leadership and shares fresh insights
  3. Formats and a approach that feels open, collaborative & inclusive
  4. Ideas that extend the conversation beyond the life of the event
  5. Content that provides relevant, balanced and objective assessment of the topic area
  6. Topics that are provocative, facilitate two-way dialogue, interactive discussions and heated debates
  7. Participants who have proven credibility in their respective fields
  8. An agenda that supports cultural, ethnic and gender diversity
  9. Experiences that integrate technology and/or multimedia in value adding ways
  10. Actionable and applicable ideas that can be implemented by the participants

What kind of formats and content are we NOT looking for?

  1. Self serving or self promotional events
  2. Content that we’ve seen before or that offers nothing new or unique
  3. Old/rehashed content that offers nothing new or unique
  4. Traditional panel discussions with little audience participation
  5. Events with speakers offering little or no diversity of background or culture
  6. Sessions that feel closed or have a topic with a “limited shelf life”
  7. Sessions that only offer one view, opinion or perspective
  8. Events that encourage speakers to broadcast their ideas
  9. Endless PowerPoint slides with complex diagrams and charts
  10. Highbrow, pseudo intellectual waffle
  11. Speakers who like to speak for the sake of speaking

Who can apply?

Startups, small agencies, big agencies, large corporations, non-profits, government agencies, schools, universities plus many more.

How much does it cost?

There are no fees in becoming an Event Partner. Event Partners are expected to budget for costs related to production and staffing of their respective event(s).

If you would like to discuss becoming a sponsor, fill out our “Get Involved form” to learn how your brand can engage with Social Media Week’s global audience.

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