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Social Media Week Berlin teams up with Transmediale

Social Media Week Berlin teams up with Transmediale


12 days until SMW February 22-26 Conference in Hamburg, Jakarta, Lagos, and New York. Learn more here.

Transmediale and Social Media Week Berlin CoopWe are proud to announce a partnership with Transmediale.10, one of the world’s most respected festivals for digital and media art and culture.

During the first week of february, Transmediale presents exhibitions, performances and talks. From 5 to 7 February 2010 a conference will adress questions of “Futurity”, ways, methods and scenarios to depict the future. Dealing with society and technologies from an artistic approach, Transmediale is a perfect partner for Social Media Week Berlin.

We, as SMWB, will highlight art pieces, performances, personalities and workshops within the Transmediale program which deal with social technologies and present them to our audience while Transmediale brings artists and its visitors together with Social Media thinkers invited to our events.