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Is the tech. world becoming more feminine?

Is the tech. world becoming more feminine?


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Yesterday Yahoo Inc. named Marissa Mayer, Google’s 20th employee and its first female engineer, as chief executive officer. Appointing a longtime technologist who has managed some of Google’s most popular products to help returning the struggling web giant to a leading position with deep technology experience and end-user focus.

The appointment, on the one hand, reflects Yahoo’s attempts to defend its reputation for innovation and dynamism. On the other hand, it highlights the considerably growing female role in the tech. world. Technology leaders, such as Google, IBM, Intel, among others, frequently appoint female talents in leadership positions. Similar observation in the start-up scene, where the females’ impact can’t be overlooked. Ultimately, that raises the question of whether the tech. world nowadays is becoming more feminine?

The increasing focus on women in tech will be a topic for discussion during Social Media Week Berlin. We will host events that encourage more women to take up programming, and we will invite plenty of female tech evangelists to the stage to speak about how the situation can be improved. Want to volunteer to talk? Get in touch!