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A closer look at who we are – Delia Dumitrescu

A closer look at who we are – Delia Dumitrescu


15 days until SMW February 22-26 Conference in Hamburg, Jakarta, Lagos, and New York. Learn more here.

We would like to further introduce you to our Advisory Board members, and will be rolling out the more info about them and their current projects.

Delia Dumitrescu, proudly hailing from Bucharest, Romania. Delia draws from a communication and public relations background. Allured by semiotics since the early days of university, she tailored her favourite study to trend research and analysis. While living in Italy and Spain she became deeply involved in visual communication and coolhunting and published several texts and works of photography related to consumer investigation. In the spring of 2010, while sharing and building knowledge at TrendONE Germany, she set-off on a road trip to find out what innovation is truly made of, and hasn’t stopped since. Delia is the author of “Road Trip to Innovation-How I came to understand Future Thinking” and “Secondhand and Vintage Berlin”.

She is currently working as a trend researcher and analyst with PCH Innovations in Berlin and a co-founder of The Pow Wow Labs, a knowledge-mixer atelier that triggers innovation and leadership mindsets inside companies through bespoke workshops and inspiring keynotes.