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A closer look at who we are – Jona Hölderle

A closer look at who we are – Jona Hölderle


12 days until SMW February 22-26 Conference in Hamburg, Jakarta, Lagos, and New York. Learn more here.

We would like to further introduce you to our Advisory Board members, and will be rolling out the more info about them and their current projects.

Since his youth, Jona Hölderle is interested in the third sector aka non-profit organisations. During his studies in Public Administration he took the step from being a member of different NPOs to NPO-Management. Now he’s focussing on online activities, but still focussing on non-profits. Those organisations that still have real members, assemblies and a lot of old structures.

Because he loves NPO, he is ambitious to shape their future. The big question behind these activities: How is it possible to connect the activities of clubs and associations with the internet and social media? And on the other side, how can organisations profit from the concepts of the web 2.0 also with their office activities?

As a freelancer ( he is helping third sector organisations with Social Media Strategies and Online Fundraising. How does NPOs want to communicate with their stakeholders and how can they reach out to a broad audience to achieve their goals. Together with some friends he created (, a benchmarking platform with social media accounts of more than 2.000 german NPOs.

You can find Jona on Twitter (!/pluralog), Xing ( and his Homepage (