Advisory Board

We are happy to announce the advisory board for Social Media Week Berlin. This year we are very lucky to have a team with a wide range of backgrounds from a variety of organizations.


  • Caroline Drucker, head of Etsy Germany
  • Jess Erickson, managing and PR director at FourSektor
  • Anne Roth, journalist and media activist, blogger (annalist)
  • Andrea Frahm, marketing & social media consultant, author
  • James Glazebrook, freelance writer, blogger (überlin) and social media consultant
  • Julianne Becker, Programme Director of SMW Berlin, Community and Communications Manager Deskwanted
  • Sophie Gratter, Coordinator of SMW Berlin
  • Carsten Foertsch, Founder of Deskmag 
  • Joel Dullroy, Co-founder of Deskwanted
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer, politics and online communication expert
  • Karsten Wenzlaff, founder and CEO of Ikosom
  • Michelle Thorne, global event strategist at Mozilla
  • Basti Hirsch, education specialist
  • Holger Dietrich, lab manager at You Is Now
  • Simone Janson, journalist and founder of Berufebilder
  • Yan Minagawa, community manager, developer and entrepreneur
  • Jens Best, digital activist, political scientist, entrepreneur
  • Roman Hänsler, online content developer, entrepreneur
  • Simon Redfern, Open Bank Project founder and TESOBE CEO.
  • Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke, co-founder of Ikosom and
  • Alper Cugun, founder of hubbub
  • Jona Hölderle,  founder of and
  • Delia Dumitrescu, trend researcher, co-founder of the Pow Wow Labs
  • Sebastian Haselbeck, community manager at Co:llaboratory
  • Willempje Vrins, founder of figurerunning
  • Ruwen Warnke, festival and event organizer
  • Joachim von Gerlach, event organizer
  • Ahmed Shoeib, event organizer
  • Ekatarina Karabasheva, Coordinator of SMW Berlin
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