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Advisory Board

  • Jens Best

    Jens Best

    Digital activist, political scientist, entrepreneur

  • Holger Dieterich

    Holger Dieterich

    Product Consultant, Curator of StartupDigest Berlin & Lean Startup Meetup

  • Joel Dullroy

    Joel Dullroy

    Founder of Social Media Week Berlin

  • Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke

    Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke

    Co-founder of Ikosom and

  • Jess Erickson

    Jess Erickson

    Founder of Berlin Geekettes

  • Thomas Fickert

    Thomas Fickert

    Founder and CEO of DEXPERIO

  • Andrea Frahm

    Andrea Frahm

    Marketing/PR & Social Media Consultant, Journalist

  • Linsay Fryatt

    Linsay Fryatt

    Journalist and Managing Editor of Venture Village

  • James Glazebrook

    James Glazebrook

    Writer, blogger and social media consultant

  • Jeanette Gusko

    Jeanette Gusko

    Senior Campaigner at

  • Sebastian Haselbeck

    Sebastian Haselbeck

    Managing Director at Co:llaboratory

  • Maren Heltsche

    Maren Heltsche

    Data analyst & project manager, co-founder of Rosegarden, local head of Digital Media Women Berlin

  • Lennart Hennig

    Lennart Hennig

    Entrepreneur and startup enthusiast

  • Stefan Heumann

    Stefan Heumann

    Deputy Director of the 'European Digital Agenda' program

  • Richard Joerges

    Richard Joerges

    Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of DEXPERIO

  • David Knight

    David Knight

    Editor of Silicon Allee

  • Stephen Kovats

    Stephen Kovats

    Initiating director at r0g/ agency for open culture and critical transformation

  • Rosita Kürbis

    Rosita Kürbis

    Founder and MD IME - International Matchmaking Events, Networking Expert

  • Lisa Lang

    Lisa Lang

    Specialist in digital information technology, supporting Berlin Geekettes

  • Corina Nawroth

    Corina Nawroth

  • Lena Obara

    Lena Obara

    Head of Synch and Music Supervisor at La Chunga music publishing

  • Amelia Shroyer

    Amelia Shroyer

    Online Marketing Manager at KaufDA

  • Nicole  Simon

    Nicole Simon

    Author, specialist in tactic and digital craftsmanship

  • Karsten Wenzlaff

    Karsten Wenzlaff

    Founder and CEO of ikosom

  • Monica Zaldivar

    Monica Zaldivar

    Communications & Social Media Manager at