Heat map of Berlin, #2QT2BSTR8 & Money from the Internet #SMWBerlin Podcast 01 Monday

Our new Episode is out. Download the mp3 and listen in the U-Bahn.

Pino explains NOKIA´s Berlin start-up map.

Jens Best is again a Board Member and explains how scheduling SMWBerlin worked and highlights some events.

We talk with Christo Mitov from Grateful Grapefruit . He had a talk with the great Title #2QT2BSTR8 – Blogs are like spaghetti: straight until they get hot

Tim Pritlove & Flattr founder Linus Olsson had a key-note in Berlin in discuss why Flattr workes so well for Podcasters.

And Gavin Sheridan from Storyful shares his tool to use social media as a journalist.

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