Diplomacy, a New Nation and The Most Interesting Person #SMWBerlin Podcast 04 Thursday

Our next episode is out. Dowload the mp3 and listen in the U-Bahn.

Our first guest is Stuart Holt who runs The  Most Interesting Person Project on friday at Naherholung Sternchen.

We speak with Birgit Stöber from the Danish Embassy in Berlin and Tal Gat from the Israeli Embassy in Berlin on “The fine line between transparency and old school diplomacy“.

South Sudan is the youngest nation on earth. We speak with the new Ambassador H.E. Sitona Abdalla Osman on Open Sourcing a New Nation – Giving Voices to the Voiceless.

And we will find out what 3D Printing is and how it work.

Dowload the the mp3 here.

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