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A glance into the DigiCuisine atmosphere

Each of us has their thing. Myself, I get easily enthusiastic about newly discovered things. Before taking part in the Digital Cuisine organized by Social Media Dinner, I was irrefutably swearing by not-being-able-to-cook. In how many languages could I now confess my love and appreciation for the team that put up together this event, I…

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FlexBase is a valuable asset at the Social Media Week Berlin – powered by Nokia. From Monday through the following four days, the FlexBase team offered professional help to SMW visitors with all aspects of preparing a compelling application, in particular social CVs. “How To Find Top Talent – Strategies and Best Practices in International…

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We at Social Media Week Berlin – powered by Nokia – feel very individualistic! But how individual do you feel? Do you like to express that individuality in every aspect of your life or are the choices all to much for you and you tend to go for the default option of a product. Today…

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Any company knows they need to be involved in Social Media and most even have their own Social Media Manager, fabulous right? Wrong! When Mandy Baumann from Gallup asks us what influenced our last big purchase? The room laughs when nobody raises their hand for Facebook. As part of the Social Media Week Berlin –…

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In the latest show Dora and Rico discuss health care and social media, dream of becoming a bitcoin millionaire, ask if journalists can still protect sources in the time of PRISM, learn what a dragonboat race has to do with leadership and welcome one of Berlin’s greatest PR experts. Download the mp3 listen on iTunes …

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It seems there is more to the internet than funny cat videos as companies are finding ever more innovative ways to reach their target audience, is this the future of advertising? At #SMWBerlin, powered by Nokia, we were fortunate to be joined by Markus Wente, Professor for innovative communication instruments and Dean of Faculty of Marketing Communications…

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In the new episode Dora & Rico learn about petitions with, discuss algorithm ethics, warm up for a cryptoparty, check out a social platform for scientists and speak with activist Slim Amamou. Download the mp3, listen on iTunes  or find the other episodes Shownotes: Introduction: Rico Valtin – Dora Osinde Sergius Seebohm –…

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One of the great things of Social Media Week Berlin- powered by Nokia – is that the guys and girls try to reach various audiences, and I don’t mean just the English speaking ones. Today was the day I decided to be brave and attend an event in German, I probably couldn’t have picked a…

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In our new show Dora and Rico speak with Frida Roberts from @sweden, Michael Seemann about the end of privacy, and many more. Download the mp3, listen on iTunes  or find the other episodes Shownotes: Introduction: Rico Valtin – Dora Osinde @sweden: Frida Roberts – @sweden – Swedisch Institute – End of anonymity?: Michael Seemann…

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Oh marketing, where did it all go wrong? If I am buying all of your wonderful products which are meant to fill me with joy then why am I still not happy. Luckily Kai Platschke from Happy Happy Joy Joy had the answers. After various bad examples he explains to us the key to getting…

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