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Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. —Tim Brown, president and CEO of IDEO We reached the final day of Social Media Week Berlin and went out with a boom with the Design…

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OK let me start by saying the title of this event at this years Social Media Week, powered by Nokia, was very misleading it should have been titled, everything you ever needed and wanted to know as a Social Media worker – Masterclass. Nicole Simon is a consummate professional and what she doesn’t know about…

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In the latest show Dora and Rico discuss health care and social media, dream of becoming a bitcoin millionaire, ask if journalists can still protect sources in the time of PRISM, learn what a dragonboat race has to do with leadership and welcome one of Berlin’s greatest PR experts. Download the mp3 listen on iTunes …

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We could all do with a little more productivity in our lives, no matter how busy or well organised we think we are it is easy to become overwhelmed and feeling like you haven’t achieved what you wanted to each day. of course  you might think you have this all under control and are a…

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In the new episode Dora & Rico learn about petitions with, discuss algorithm ethics, warm up for a cryptoparty, check out a social platform for scientists and speak with activist Slim Amamou. Download the mp3, listen on iTunes  or find the other episodes Shownotes: Introduction: Rico Valtin – Dora Osinde Sergius Seebohm –…

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Collaborative economy is not about reviving communism. But it is rather about learning how to share and care in the globalized world. Pace of accumulation and consumption brings us to the deadlock. The workshop run by Ouishare expert network as part of the Social Media Week Berlin – powered by Nokia – is aimed to…

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The speakers Melanie Thewlis and Paul Zubrinich from Little Web Giants organized a great hands-on presentation-workshop hybrid on data visualization as a campaign tool for change, as part of #SMWBerlin powered by Nokia. It was targeted at NGOs and non-profits, but also “civilians” who have key messages to share with the community and wish to…

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  Any recipe needs fresh ingredients to be mixed up. In the kitchen lab of Crypto lunch this afternoon such “ingredients” are tools that ensure your privacy online. It all takes off with a question:  are you concerned about security of your data when using Internet? If yes, crypto is the solution. Hosts of the…

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How many people can say they are a professional couch surfer? That is exactly what Simon Schnetzer did to collect the vast amount of data that got him noticed by Google. His company DATAJOCKEY goes about their social research in such a unique way that their results are compelling reading. He is also very personable which…

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It is rainy today in Berlin but that doesn’t seem to have effected the turn out as the room fills up for the first presentation of the day. Obviously freelancers rights is a hot topic in Berlin withmost of its transient community of artists and media workers scrabbling for work. Our speaker today, Katja, starts…

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