A glance into the DigiCuisine atmosphere

Each of us has their thing. Myself, I get easily enthusiastic about newly discovered things. Before taking part in the Digital Cuisine organized by Social Media Dinner, I was irrefutably swearing by not-being-able-to-cook. In how many languages could I now confess my love and appreciation for the team that put up together this event, I…

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Thane Ryland

Collecting, measuring and analyzing social data is gaining more and more importance in defining a successful marketing strategy. According to the recent CMO Survey, companies invest 6.6% of their marketing budgets in Social Media. This number will increase to 15.9% in the next 5 years. Still, 49% of the entities surveyed were not able to…

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Nicole Simon @SMWBerlin

In case you missed it, here’s a quickie: you are who Google says you are. It might sound tacky but as the Undercover Recruiter puts it, 90% of employers use social media to screen possible candidates. Googling your name might seem pretty geeky but unless you not human and do not care about your online…

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Impressed is what I was with the uplifting presentation Johanna Brewer Berlin Geekette, Frestyl co-founder and Doctor of Computers held about Social Engineering at Social Media Week Berlin, powered by Nokia. As she puts it, it’s the subject that always stirs up the souls. And why wouldn’t it? It brings into discussion a core theme: doing good is not that selfless…

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Oh marketing, where did it all go wrong? If I am buying all of your wonderful products which are meant to fill me with joy then why am I still not happy. Luckily Kai Platschke from Happy Happy Joy Joy had the answers. After various bad examples he explains to us the key to getting…

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Monica Zaldivar at the Social Media Week Berlin talk, Communities that Thrive: Dos and Don’ts

I remember a while back when saying that you were the Community Manager (CM) would be the best joke at an office party. “Oh, so you’re the guy John from Marketing was telling me about,” stated one of the colleagues condescendingly, “So what do you do? You spend all day on Facebook, right?” Right, only that…

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ScreenHunter_08 Sep. 20 13.13

Always wanted to change the world but never quite knew how to get started? Attend #smwbcampaigns day powered by on the 25th of September at Social Media Week Berlin. Nine free events are specially tailored to give you that push you always longed for. From acquiring donors for your project through mobile tactics to…

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wooga logo

guest post from Wooga Social Media Week is back and there are only a couple more days left until the international conference will open its doors in Berlinon Monday. Germany’s largest free web conference expects to welcome around 8,000 visitors and Wooga is really happy to be part of this ambitious project. Themed “Empowering Change…

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Today we are thrilled to announce the (nearly) final locations for the next edition of Social Media Week (SMW) this September 19-23, 2011 and, most importantly, details on how you or your company can Get Involved in the event. The initial lineup of seven confirmed locations announced in April included returning cities Berlin, Milan, Buenos…

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Social Media Week Berlin 2011 starts on September 19 – one day after the city-state holds an election to choose its political leaders for the next five years. The Berlin election will be a great diving board to launch into SMW. What role will social media play in the election? And more generally, what can…

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