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OK let me start by saying the title of this event at this years Social Media Week, powered by Nokia, was very misleading it should have been titled, everything you ever needed and wanted to know as a Social Media worker – Masterclass. Nicole Simon is a consummate professional and what she doesn’t know about…

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  Monitoring social media brings you hundreds of results. Or none. As part of the Social Media Week – powered by Nokia -  Patrick Bunk from UberMetrics Technologies tells why the process fails and how to hit it off. Data is compared with gold. You have to dig for it. Your target audience is digging…

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In the words of Anderson, Bell and Shirky “the process of journalism is so being radically remade by the forces of technology and economics that there is no longer anything that might be described as ‘an industry’ for the individual journalist to enter” (“Post Industrial Journalism”, 2013). If you were hoping for a guide to…

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  Freedom of speech, privacy, and data security are only few of the things we at #SMWBerlin, powered by Nokia, take great interest in. We know, the information flow is not chaotic. There are some pros out there sorting it all.  “Enemies of the Internet” take advantage of freedom of speech and active sharing to…

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Tilman Vogler

  You have this new brilliant start-up that just takes off. You know that without media coverage this brilliance might stay in obscure for ages. How to approach media? Most importantly, how to make them curious and eager to spread the word about it? At today’s workshop as part of this years #SMWBerlin, powered by…

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Oh marketing, where did it all go wrong? If I am buying all of your wonderful products which are meant to fill me with joy then why am I still not happy. Luckily Kai Platschke from Happy Happy Joy Joy had the answers. After various bad examples he explains to us the key to getting…

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Im Anschluss an die gleichnamige Session über die Herausforderungen an Non-Love-Brands im Social Web – z.B. reinen Dienstleistern – habe ich mich mit Ina Lutterbüse von Immobilienscout24 unterhalten. Aus dem geplanten Webcam-Video ist aus technischen Gründen leider nichts geworden, aber ich möchte euch die interessanten Einblicke in ihre Arbeit nicht vorenthalten und versuche mal, unser…

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When introduced to Adam Roe it’s clear to see his passion for photography. He tells us he grew up in New York as he showcases some negatives he has already converted using the App. The black and white shots are beautiful and look great on his Nokia 1020, it’s hard to believe they were actually…

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Berlins größte freie Webkonferenz Social Media Week öffnet am Sonntag mit dem Bundesradio Wahlstudio. Vom 22. bis 27. September warten unter dem Motto: (Re)Balance – rethinking traditional structures mehr als 150 Veranstaltungen auf Besucherinnen und Besucher. (Berlin, 19. September 13) In diesem Jahr geht es mit dem Bundesradio Wahlstudio bereits am Sonntag los. Der Live-Podcast…

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The first guest of the show is Julianne Becker, Programme Director for Social Media Week Berlin. She talks about her work planning Social Media Week powered by NOKIA, the theme (Re)Balance which is about rethinking traditional structures by individuals and grass-roots initiatives and about her favourite events. Download as mp3 (0:21) smwTalk13-01 von SMWBerlin This…

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