OK let me start by saying the title of this event at this years Social Media Week, powered by Nokia, was very misleading it should have been titled, everything you ever needed and wanted to know as a Social Media worker – Masterclass. Nicole Simon is a consummate professional and what she doesn’t know about…

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In the latest show Dora and Rico discuss health care and social media, dream of becoming a bitcoin millionaire, ask if journalists can still protect sources in the time of PRISM, learn what a dragonboat race has to do with leadership and welcome one of Berlin’s greatest PR experts. Download the mp3 listen on iTunes …

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In the new episode Dora & Rico learn about petitions with, discuss algorithm ethics, warm up for a cryptoparty, check out a social platform for scientists and speak with activist Slim Amamou. Download the mp3, listen on iTunes  or find the other episodes Shownotes: Introduction: Rico Valtin – Dora Osinde Sergius Seebohm –…

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Am Rande einer Diskussionsrunde zur Rolle des Community Managers hatte ich heute Gelegenheit, ein kurzes Interview mit Moritz “Moe” Vieweg von Uber zu machen:

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Episode 7 of #smwTalk is the first “almost” live episode of SMWtalk. Rico and Dora are talking to several guests moving from analogue photography to sci-fi movies. The first guest Adam Roe held a workshop on how to use your smartphone to turn your analogue pictures into digital ones. Dora spoke to Jess Ericksson, co:founder…

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Auch in der desing akademie berlin ging es um die Bundestagswahl. Tim Pritlove und Philip Banse warfen vor 100 Zuschauern einen netzpolitischen Blick auf den Wahlkampf und präsentierten im Bundesradio Wahlstudio um 18.00 Uhr die erste Hochrechnung. Jubel im Publikum gab es für das Abschneiden der FDP. Das Scheitern der Piraten kommentierte Martin Delius mit…

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In der neuen Episode von #SMWtalk spricht Rico mit Lorena Jaume-Palasí, Gründerin von German Youth IGF und Doktorandin an der LMU München. Lorena gehört auch zu Co:llaboratory und organisiert viele Veranstaltungen auf der Social Media Week Berlin. In dieser Folge geht es um Anonymität, privacy und Datenschutz im Internet und natürlich die NSA Enthüllungen von …

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monica zald

This love letter is based on Monica Zaldivar’s background story with Social Media Week Berlin, which she also shares in her blog. When we first met, I couldn’t even talk to you. It seems like yesterday, but it was 2 years ago already. I just could watch you from the distance, amazed by your energy…

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6 leia

In partnership with Social Media Week, artist network ARTCONNECT BERLIN will be presenting several events that will inform artists and creatives on how to handle social media in their work life. The artist network managed to bring very cool guests to SMW, such as a speaker from popular art magazine FreundevonFreunden, and ARTE’s community manager….

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Berlins größte freie Webkonferenz Social Media Week öffnet am Sonntag mit dem Bundesradio Wahlstudio. Vom 22. bis 27. September warten unter dem Motto: (Re)Balance – rethinking traditional structures mehr als 150 Veranstaltungen auf Besucherinnen und Besucher. (Berlin, 19. September 13) In diesem Jahr geht es mit dem Bundesradio Wahlstudio bereits am Sonntag los. Der Live-Podcast…

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