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OK let me start by saying the title of this event at this years Social Media Week, powered by Nokia, was very misleading it should have been titled, everything you ever needed and wanted to know as a Social Media worker – Masterclass. Nicole Simon is a consummate professional and what she doesn’t know about…

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We at Social Media Week Berlin – powered by Nokia – feel very individualistic! But how individual do you feel? Do you like to express that individuality in every aspect of your life or are the choices all to much for you and you tend to go for the default option of a product. Today…

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Any company knows they need to be involved in Social Media and most even have their own Social Media Manager, fabulous right? Wrong! When Mandy Baumann from Gallup asks us what influenced our last big purchase? The room laughs when nobody raises their hand for Facebook. As part of the Social Media Week Berlin –…

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It seems there is more to the internet than funny cat videos as companies are finding ever more innovative ways to reach their target audience, is this the future of advertising? At #SMWBerlin, powered by Nokia, we were fortunate to be joined by Markus Wente, Professor for innovative communication instruments and Dean of Faculty of Marketing Communications…

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Social Media B2B

Social Media is rocking the world of the usual below-the-line (BTL) B2B marketing approach. Christiane Lehmann, Social Media Manager at Immobilien Scouts24 knows a thing or two about how social media can enhance the B2B specifics and she shared her unique insights during the Social Media marketing fϋr B2B Master Class at Social Media Week Berlin,…

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Monica Zaldivar at the Social Media Week Berlin talk, Communities that Thrive: Dos and Don’ts

I remember a while back when saying that you were the Community Manager (CM) would be the best joke at an office party. “Oh, so you’re the guy John from Marketing was telling me about,” stated one of the colleagues condescendingly, “So what do you do? You spend all day on Facebook, right?” Right, only that…

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Episode 7 of #smwTalk is the first “almost” live episode of SMWtalk. Rico and Dora are talking to several guests moving from analogue photography to sci-fi movies. The first guest Adam Roe held a workshop on how to use your smartphone to turn your analogue pictures into digital ones. Dora spoke to Jess Ericksson, co:founder…

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Always wanted to change the world but never quite knew how to get started? Attend #smwbcampaigns day powered by on the 25th of September at Social Media Week Berlin. Nine free events are specially tailored to give you that push you always longed for. From acquiring donors for your project through mobile tactics to…

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Heute startet die Anmeldung zu Deutschlands größter freien Web-Konferenz Social Media Week Berlin. Vom 22. bis 27. September warten unter dem Motto: (Re)Balance – rethinking traditional structures 100 Veranstaltungen auf Besucherinnen und Besucher.

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Berlins größte freie Web-Konferenz Social Media Week kehrt vom 23. bis 27. September zurück in die Hauptstadt. Berlin, 21. Februar 13 – Morgen schließt die Social Media Week in Hamburg ihre Tore und Berlin geht in die Startlöcher. Vom 23. bis zum 27. September eröffnet Berlins größte freie Webkonferenz wieder ihr Hauptquartier in der design…

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