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Social Media Week City Focus: What’s Happening In Los Angeles

Social Media Week City Focus: What’s Happening In Los Angeles

This is the first in a series of posts zoning in on the various cities of Social Media Week September 2010 and taking a look at the exciting things going on there.

Today we will focus on Los Angeles, the largest of the five Social Media Weeks this September, and the global headquarters for the week.

With over fifty events on the schedule already, the only proper word to describe Social Media Week LA would be massive. While there’s no way we can fairly cover everything set to take place during the week, we’d like to offer you a quick overview now of some–but by no means all–of the highlights for the week. Check out the Los Angeles city page and the LA schedule to learn more!

The Inner-City Arts Twelethon
The Inner-City Arts Twelethon is without doubt one of the most significant pieces to the week, and is significant enough that it deserves its own separate post. Serving as a platform to benefit Inner-City Arts (ICA), for over twenty years ICA has been an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity for under-served children in the heart of Skid Row. The “Twelethon” is the fund-raising component running throughout the entire week. From the opening press conference at 9am on Monday morning to the closing party on Friday night and every event in between, we will use the conference as a platform to generate awareness about the crisis of creativity in the educational system and raise funds to support arts and learning.  More to come on this event on the global and LA city SMW blogs, but please contact LA city partner Erick Brownstein to learn more.

Opening Party
At the Inner-City Arts campus, we will be joined by Sir Ken Robinson and others to officially kick-off Social Media Week. We will call attention to the Twelethon, the virtual telethon that will be running all week to raise awareness about the crisis of creativity, to generate support for arts and learning and to raise funds for ICA.

The Future of the Social Web, sponsored by Meebo
In a future where an individual’s social graph will be entirely portable, a future where users can connect to each other from their websites and others, and advertisers can interact with consumers within this environment, what are the new approaches to design, content optimization and advertising experience? Brought to you by Social Media Week Global Gold sponsor Meebo, this session will be presented by their CEO Seth Sternberg and facilitated by top design thinkers, in a highly interactive, experience-based workshop. The workshop will call upon leading figures from the spheres of design, content, and advertising to explore questions for how we can each can contribute to a richer and more connected social web.

Listening & Engaging with the Public: Political Process in Social Media
At City Hall’s prestigious Bradley Hall, this event will focus on how government uses social media to shape policy with their constituencies. Panelists will include city, state and federal government strategists and agency representatives.

Democracy Video Challenge Film Screening
With the US State Department, a screening hosted by the Director’s Guild of America of the six winning Democracy Video Challenge entries.  The Democracy Video Challenge is part of an initiative which empowers a global online audience to share their views on democracy by completing the phrase “Democracy is….”

CleanTech LA and Venture Capital
Industry panel discussing the application of social media platforms in the clean technology field.  Panelists will range from established social media cleantech groups to new clean tech initiatives seeking to capitalize on social media techniques.  This event will provide tremendous exposure to the Los Angeles Clean Technology community.

Location-Based Marketing: To Checkin or not to Checkin
This highly focused event will explore the potential of location-based marketing as a new channel. What’s in it for consumers? What’s in it for marketers? Companies present include DoubleDutch, MyTown, PlacePop, Stickybits and Whrrl.

Startup Demo
Hosted by Schmoozd, TechZulu and, StartupDemo is an opportunity for early stage startups to showcase their new products and/or services.  Founders use StartupDemo as an opportunity to get frank feedback from VCs, angels, peers and the technolust.

Live Nation at the House of Blues presents, “The Next Stage of Engage – Bringing Online Live Music Communities to Life”
A live whiteboard session with industry leaders from multiple touch points to live music fans. We will brainstorm how to connect the dots between: artist-to-fan direct, content sites, interactive platforms, venue operations and more.

Biomimicry: Social Media & Science
– A small group of graduate science students from USC’s Viterbi School pursuing careers in science journalism teleconference with a class at Stony Brook University in New York.  They will use an improvisation ‘game’ based on biomimicry to explore the productive paths for science journalism careers in a networked world.

Brands Engaging on the Social Web
Two panels will explore themes relevant to brands engaging with customers online:

  • Brand Assassins: Proactive defense: Social media provides brands with amazing opportunities to connect with consumers outside of traditional advertising. However, the new online landscape also creates additional risk for businesses online.
  • Building a Connected Brand: A Case Study in Integrated Marketing: This panel will explore the strategies and results around a very successful and fully integrated online campaign from Avery Office Products. Attendees will learn how Avery has personified the concept of a Connected Brand to bring the strengths of analytics, SEM, social, and display to the forefront of their marketing plan in new and innovative way

And this is just a starting list of the over fifty events taking place during the week. Again, check out the Los Angeles city page and the LA schedule to learn more, and go here if you want to get involved!

Ben Scheim is vice president of partnerships and communications for Crowdcentric and a director of Social Media Week. Please reach out to him if you are interested in discussing brand partnerships or sponsorships for Social Media Week. He can be reached at

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