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Buzz Builds for Social Media Week Saõ Paulo As They Announce Partners

Buzz Builds for Social Media Week Saõ Paulo As They Announce Partners


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Social Media Week Saõ Paulõ, run by local team SixPix Content, announced their local partners this week as well as initial information about the overall program this February 7-11.

Of this announcement, SixPix said:

The February edition of Social Media Week Sao Paulõ will be possible thanks to the telecom leader Oi, who will serve as the local headline sponsor, along with Santander, Fiat and ClickIsobar as supporting locally sponsors. Nokia and JWT are global partners of Social Media Week and will also have presence in the Brazilian edition.

Beyond announcing the SMW  Sao Paulõ sponsors and partners, many events were also confirmed. A few highlights include:

Three gentlemen with five computers and three projectors take the audience on a fast-paced and whirlwind tour of every major internet meme. This is the MemeFactory, a group from NYU, that comes to Brazil to present a special show on internet culture and behavior.

Direct Channel – The Company vs The Public
João Ciaco, Marketing Director at Fiat, face to face with three real car consumers, to discuss the connection between the brand and its market, with no agencies, social media specialists, or any other intermediary.

1UP – What’s Behind the Wave of Social Games
Daniel Kafie, CEO of Vostu, the largest social gaming company in Brazil, being interviewed by two major experts on social media and digital marketing, about the Social Games phenomenon, and its relation with the brazilian way of web-surfing.

And much more to come! Social Media Week Sao Paulõ is going to be great!

Ben Scheim is vice president of partnerships and communications for Crowdcentric and a director of Social Media Week. Please reach out to him for media requests or if you are interested in discussing brand partnerships or sponsorships for Social Media Week. He can be reached at

Ben Scheim @slangeditorial

Global Director, Social Media Week