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Partner Highlights (SMWRME): illy and Virgilio

Partner Highlights (SMWRME): illy and Virgilio

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Viva Italia!

Check out what a few SMWRME partners are doing in Rome this week:

Partner: illy
What are they doing during SMWRME?: illycaffè is the official coffee of Social Media Week Rome with “Coffee Corners” located in the SMWRME headquarters as well as in other event locations city-wide.

illycaffè, through the Università del Caffè experts, is also organizing two special courses: “Social Breakfast with the Expert”, inviting visitors to take their time to discover secrets and taste of the perfect espresso and cappuccino. The second course titled “I l@ve coffee” aims to provide visitors with tools to recognize the perfect espresso thanks to UDC experts’ tips.

Alongside these two events, illy will also be co-hosting the event “Digital Angels” where young tutors will approach the not-so-young passerby to show them the possibilities that social media can play in their daily lives.

You can like illy on Facebook or follow their tweets here.

Partner: Virgilio

What are they doing during SMWRME?: Virgilio (first Italian web portal) will be hosting the world’s longest “Social” crossword dedicated entirely to internet and social media. The giant crossword will be located in the busy hub of Termini train station in the center of Rome. Armed with pens, everybody who visits Rome’s edition of Social Media Week will be invited to try their hand at filling in this giant puzzle of over 1000 boxes, and more than 300 definitions, stretching over 35 feet in length.

Virgilio has also created the mobile phone application for the Social Media Week Rome which will keep participants updated with the latest news, a list of the events, a handy map of Rome and photo and video gallery of the events.

Wish we could be there!

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