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SMW Video Archives: Borderless Brands: Social Space Exploration Panel

SMW Video Archives: Borderless Brands: Social Space Exploration Panel


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Borderless Brands: Social Space Exploration Panel
Social Media Week NY ( June 1, 2011 )

Social Media Week has recently launched Borderless Brands, a new program that aims to provide global marketers with unique perspectives into how social media is impacting global brand communications. In the midst of language barriers and dividing borders exists conversations that are interlaced with the knowledge and passions of people around the world. Panelists give insight on the opportunity businesses and organizations have to join in the global conversation and engage with their consumers to become equipped with successful marketing strategies.

Panel Moderator: Todd Wasserman, Mashable

Linda Boff – Global Director of Marketing, GE
Bonin Bough – Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo
Carolyn Everson – Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
Taylor Gray – VP of Marketing & Social Media Strategy, AOL Huffington Post Media Group
Freddie Laker – Vice President, Digital Strategy – Global Brands, SapientNitro
Peter Nicholson – Chief Creative Officer, JWT