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Pay Attention! Social Listening Done Right

Pay Attention! Social Listening Done Right


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Pay Attention! Social Listening Done Right
Hosted by JWT

Social Media Week NY (February 10, 2011)

Social listening is now standard operating procedure for plugged-in brands and marketers, but listening is the easy part. The next step is figuring out context, discerning the signal in the noise, and making informed decisions on behalf of the brand. And the NEXT next step is to use social listening as a way to engage a brand’s advocates and detractors in real-time—that’s when the fun starts.

Moderator: Michael Learmonth, Digital Editor, Ad Age

Kyle Monson, Senior Technology Editor, JWT
Shiv Singh, Head of Digital for PepsiCo Beverages
Brian Clark, CEO, GMD Studios
Ed Sullivan, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Radian 6
Michael Jaindl, Cheif Client Officer, Buddy Media

Dalisbeth Galvez @dbgalvez

Intern, CrowdCentric