SMW Twitter Debates: Are Real Name Policies Effective or Abusive? #NameDebate on Thurs at 12pm ET

With the proliferation of social networking sites and the abuses toward members on the sites, many administrators are enacting safety protocols to help curb negative member behavior. One of the more popular mechanisms is Real Name Policies. Sites are requiring users to provide names used in real life to authenticate their identity.

Recently, this has become a point of controversy, following Google+’s removal of several members for failing to adhere to the policy as they had it outlined. This resulted in many legit members being removed and a revision of the policy. However, does the revision go far enough? Are Real Name Policies effective in curbing negative behavior? Should social network sites authenticate a user’s identity? The aim of the discussion, which will use the hashtag #NameDebate, will be to explore the pros and cons of Real Name Policies to help enforce proper member conduct. Join us Thursday, August 11th, at 12pm ET.

Have a topic you think would make a great Twitter Debate? Email us or tweet us with #SMWDebates. We look forward to chatting tomorrow!

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