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#FBDebate This Thursday, 12pm ET

#FBDebate This Thursday, 12pm ET


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We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding the latest out of f8 regarding the recent Facebook changes. From the addition of new action buttons to the App Discovery options to the social magazine look. Many are anticipating public anger over the changes.

Facebook is no stranger to controversy, even with the latest findings of privacy and data collections. In the past, users have over time warmed up to the changes, eventually loving the changes, such as the News Feed. Does the way Facebook enacts change affect how users react? Does innovation need tact? Or should the public be more accepting of changes in the online space and of a free service?

We want to know what you think. Share your opinion with us this Thursday, September 29th at 12pm ET. Use #FBDebate to join. And be sure to check back on our blog for our weekly recaps of our debates.