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Next Twitter Debate- #PrivacyDebate

Next Twitter Debate- #PrivacyDebate

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In 1998, Congress enacted the Children’s Privacy Protection Act, limiting the ability of websites to collect personal information on children younger than 13 without parental consent. Hence, why you can only sign up for a social networking account if you’re older than 13 now and must verify your age for online forms. However, over the years, more and more children are online. And researchers are just now learning the effects of a highly digital life on our emotional, social and cognitive development- for better and for worse.

In the midst of all this are the business opportunities. Youth represent the next generation of consumers. And despite the law, over 7.5 million children 12 and younger are already on Facebook. So, Facebook wants them there legally- and is challenging the 1998 regulation.

Should they be? Are today’s young children experienced enough- or even more experienced than their guardians- to navigate social networks? Could Facebook be headed toward another heated privacy issue?

Share your opinion with us next Thursday, October 27th, at 12pm ET. Use #PrivacyDebate to join.

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