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Social Media Week

September’s Social Media Week Conference in Review

September’s Social Media Week Conference in Review

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With over 650 events taking during Social Media Week in September, it’s understandable if you may have missed some of the highlights. Here’s our attempt at recapping them for you now as we look back on another great #SMW11.

Throughout the week we saw an incredible diversity and breadth of content spanning all aspects of how social and mobile media is profoundly impacting our lives, business and society. Both online and offline engagement was higher than we’ve seen in previous Social Media Weeks, with over 70k mentions on Twitter, 260 community created YouTube videos, and over 200,000 live streams. The SMW RealTime and SMW Live experiences were were both powered by our global sponsor Nokia.

Each city brought some amazing aspects to the week. Beirut saw Minister of Telecommunications Mr. Nicolas Sehnaoui announce that 3G service will be officially launched in Lebanon in two months.

In Glasgow, Drew Smith, Member of Scottish Parliament, introduces the first motion to Scottish Parliament to feature a hashtag – #SMWGla. The week began with founder of Peace One Day and recent TED speaker Jeremy Gilley. Jeremy discussed social media’s role in addressing global violence and the partnership with Social Media Week, and Nokia that hosted 159 Meet-ups with 243 Peace Ambassadors in 151 cities worldwide in support of the initiative. The week closed with a special keynote from Don Tapscott, who Skyped in from Colombia to give insight into his most recent book, Macrowikinomics, and how business and society is being rebooted thanks to a new collaborative economy.















Chicago continued the trend of maximizing support from their local government. Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago welcomed Social Media Week and was joined by Naveen Selvadurai of Foursquare in announcing that Chicago is the now the first in the world with a City Badge. Chicago also saw Adam Bain, Twitter’s Chief Revenue Officer, share his vision for how the company is evolving.

In Berlin, the lead organizers constructed their own event space out of old beer crates and recycled wood to host the majority of their events. Sessions were lined with phenomenal sessions, like Gabe Zichermann’s entertaining talk on “gamification”; an emotional retelling of the Egyptian revolution by blogger Ahmed Abdel Alim; and a discussion of “social shitstorms” from WWF’s Paula Hannemann. Berlin also included local politics with “Wahl Digital” at BASE_camp, which presented widely differing opinions about the impact of social media on the Berlin city election.

Bogotá started their week off with 6 of their 7 mayoral candidates signing a digital manifesto, pledging to increase web access. Headlines included talks from Suzanne Hall of the US State Department addressing digital diplomacy while Ted Rubin of Collective Bias spoke on the Return on Relationship and Christian Lisogorsky of ooBeeMind and Marialexandra, discussed the Revolution of Communications. The week closed out with Alejandro Gomez of Zemoga tackling effective strategies and tactics for campaigns- with over 400 in attendance.

The team in Milan produced over 100 events, with 300 Italian and international speakers, including Shelly Roche, founder of Foodspotting and Jamie Wong, CEO of speaking about their startups and Professor Oliver Schurer from Vienna University of Technology presenting on the changes of technology in architecture. In addition to the great speakers, Milan also hosted a startup train, treasure hunt with smartphones and an international startup event with Berlin & Glasgow.

The New York Times’ Elizabeth Heron joined Jovan Sayvovich, designer and winner of the Russian Internet award POTOP++ in the Man of the Year category and others to kick off Social Media Week in Moscow by discussing changes in communications and the future of social media. Art was also a popular topic, with Mark Sands, Tate’s Media Director, and Laura Scott from Google Art Project looked at how museums can utilize digital technologies in one popular session. And Slava Rubin introduced his crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo to the European market.

And partners in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires put out events generating lots of buzz. Los Angeles’ Social Media for Social Good was a favorite, while Movilización y participación ciudadana organizada en la Web and Mundo Facebook were hits in Buenos Aires. Attendees in Rio thoroughly enjoyed Oportunidades Cariocas + Arte e Cultura.














You can check out all of our favorite videos and photos from the week and let us know if you’ve seen others.

From the content to city participation to the contribution from our amazing sponsors, September hosted one of our most successful Social Media Weeks. Thank you for taking part! We’re looking forward to #SMW12 coming to you this February 13-17!

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