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#FameDebate This Thursday

#FameDebate This Thursday


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Photo: David Shankbone

On Monday, Kim Kardashian publicly filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, prompting a slew of Twitter mockery. #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage and #KimKMarriageWasShorter were two trending topics with users posting items that were longer than the celebrity’s 72-day marriage. In turn, the Kardashian sisters responded on Twitter denouncing the behaviors of critics and offering support for the celebrity. All the while, Kim has been silent on her account regarding the incident and all the criticism.

Twitter has been a popular forum for sarcasm and mockery for previous internet celebrities, like Rebecca Black. Does Twitter chatter take it too far in mocking and criticism? Should etiquette be in place? Or is all fair in fame? Is this behavior bordering on digital abuse or cyberbullying or is it all in fun? As a society, where should we draw lines between sarcasm & satire and bullying?

Help us explore this topic in more detail and share your thoughts on the topic. Join us on Thursday, November 3rd at 12pm ET by using #FameDebate.