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#MannersDebate Today 12pm ET

#MannersDebate Today 12pm ET

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Today at 12pm ET, we’ll be examining the tweetpology. Just this week, Jimmy Fallon issued an apology via Twitter for an incident involving his talk show’s band and US Republican Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann. Some criticized the tweetpology as not being as sincere as an in-person apology. However, we are seeing more and more celebrities taking to Twitter and Facebook to apologize for their actions. Another example is US Footballer Ndamukong Suh apologizing/defending his actions toward another player on Facebook. Are these actions appropriate?

As more blunders are made public, is an apology issued via social media enough? If specific people are targeted and an apology is warranted, is Twitter the appropriate platform? Share your thoughts on this topic in more detail. Join us on today, December 1st at 12pm ET by using #MannersDebate.

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