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Get SMW12 News When It Happens: SMW RealTime

Get SMW12 News When It Happens: SMW RealTime

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Welcome to Social Media Week! As we kick off, want to know what’s happening online with SMW12? Love data? Whether it’s your first time participating with SMW12 or your third, you’ve never seen realtime action like this. Social Media Week is proud to present SMW RealTime, powered by Nokia and presented by The Guardian. A 5-page data aggregation dashboard pulling all the real-time data from Social Media Week globally and locally.

And here are the top 5 things you need to know about it.

1. It looks pretty, if we may say so. Instead of just pushing out data, RealTime largely uses infographics to visualize all the data coming out of SMW12. With graphs and images, and a pretty user-friendly layout, it makes exploring events, cities and SMW12 easy on the eyes.

2. It’s multilayered. Data can be broken down on a global, city and event level. If it’s an official hashtag, it’s being tracked. So, use those city hashtags and handles and tweet away!

3. It’s interactive. Each day of SMW12, we’ll ask you a different question. How do you use social and digital? How does that play out in your life? Some are fun; others more serious. The results will then be highlighted and tracked right in RealTime.

4. It’s trending. Ok, it’s not really. But we’re looking at what’s trending and will feature trending topics from SMW12 on each of the 3 levels: event, city, and global. RealTime breaks down the number of tweets per hashtag and topic and lets you know the most popular Twitter handles, keeping you in the know. You can even follow the most popular tweeters straight from the dashboard!

5. It’s tracking it all. Number of events on a daily and weekly basis? Check. (Today we’re at 192 events.) Number of attendees? (That’s 89,450 registrations.) Speakers and number of venues? (Got that, too: 2137 speakers, 483 venues.) RealTime also tracks Foursquare check-ins, so make sure you check-ins! But make sure you’re watching the dashboard. Because it’s in real-time, you can’t go back!

Bonus tip: The teams behind it are Dopamine and Benard. We’re very grateful for their hard work!

See it in action here.

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