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Social Media Week

What We’re Saying During Social Media Week: Day 2

What We’re Saying During Social Media Week: Day 2

Hello again! This is Sheldon from Sysomos back again with a look at what’s happening around the world during Social Media Week. Using Sysomos’ industry leading social media monitoring and analytics software, MAP and Heartbeat, I’ve been tracking the online conversations coming from all over the world. Today I’ll be taking a look at some of the interesting conversations that happened on Tuesday, the second day of Social Media Week.

Before I dive in to some of the individual city conversations I looked at those that were using the more general Social Media Week keywords. These are things like “Social Media Week” and the general hashtags “#SMW” and “#SMW12.” On Tuesday I found that there was almost 11,000 mentions of Social Media Week in the general sense. 9,800 of those mentions were from Twitter alone. There was also 47 videos uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday about Social Media Week. I also found that the general conciseness around these conversations were positive with a second day in a row of getting a 99% favourable rating.

I pulled up a buzzgraph to see what the conversation was revolving around and found that a majority of the words in the buzzgraph were in German. This means that our friends in Hamburg were creating quite a bit of buzz. We can see that these German conversations had a focus around “Twitter.” It’s also nice to see that since Tuesday was Feburary 14th, there seemed to be some talk about “Valentines” Day in our Social Media Week conversation.

Since the main conversation channel for Social Media Week seems to be Twitter, I decided to dive a little deeper into it to see what was happening. I looked at what kinds of tweets were being sent in relation to Social Media Week and found that people were sharing the ideas that they were hearing or having on their own. 56% of all the tweets on Tuesday were regular tweets, as in people sharing with the rest of the world. 33% of the tweets we found were retweets, meaning people were sharing ideas that they were seing coming from others. Only 11% of the tweets were @ replies. This tells us that there may not have been a lot of back and forth about Social Media Week, and if there was, they dropped the hashtags for those conversations.

Because we saw a lot of German conversation in the general Social Media Week talk, I decided to start my individual city explorations in Hamburg. Here I found that there seemed to be an interesting “keynote” “vortrag” (lecture) given by “Thilo” “Weichert” the “außenministerin” (foreign minister). There doesn’t seem to be a lot of substance about his lecture in the buzzgraph, but we can see that a lot of people were talking about this event in general.

Over in Paris there seemed to be  a very interesting conversation going on about governments, the people and social media. We can see that right in the middle of one of the main conversations is “tunisie” (Tunisia) which was the home of a revolution last year, and people say that social media played a huge role in that. We can see that the conversation branches off into the ideas of social media and “censure” (censorship), “détournement” (misappropriation), and being “anonymous.”

In São Paulo on Tuesday, one of the more popular Social Media Week sessions seemed to be one given by a local rapper phenomenon known as “Emicida.” It looks like his session focused in on how he and a few other artists (also in the buzzgraph) were using “sociais” “mídias” (social media) like “Facebook” and “Google” to their advantage to make a name for themselves and interact with their fans. One other thing I found interesting

Lastly, I looked into the city that Social Media Week originated, New York City. Here I found that a few panels were making people talk on Tuesday. Right in the center of the graph we can see the word “panel” because it appeared in many conversations coming from New York. Some of the panel topics we can see stemming from there included ones on “SOPA” and “PIPA,” online “syndication,” social “relationships” and “influence,” and also the role that social now plays in “NYFW” which is New York Fashion Week.

Now, here’s the activity levels we found coming from each Social Media Week host city:


Hong Kong



New York


San Francisco

São Paulo




Washington DC

I’ll be back again soon with another Sysomos look at what’s going on around the social media world for Social Media Week on day 3. We may even try something a little bit different as a mid-week, half way through, round-up. See you then!

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