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What We’re Saying During Social Media Week: Day 5

What We’re Saying During Social Media Week: Day 5

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The last day of Social Media Week has come and gone. I’m Sheldon from Sysomos back to look at what happened on this final day. Using Sysomos’ industry leading social media monitoring and analytics software, MAP and Heartbeat, I’ve been watching conversations happening from around the globe all week. Today I’ll give a little insight as to what people were saying on Friday, the fifth and last day of Social Media Week.

I started with a final look at the general Social Media Week activity. When I say general, I’m looking at mentions of the general hashtags “#SMW12″ and “#SMW” as well as mentions of just “Social Media Week.” On this fifth and final day, I found that activity had calmed down a bit and came up just short of 10,000 mentions. While I can’t see a specific reason as to the drop off in mentions, I’m just going to assume that after an entire week of Social Media Week activities, people were just ready for the weekend (I know I was).

The buzzgraph from this last day also seems a bit general, although we can see a focus on some business talk. Right in the center we can see that the conversation is stemming from “socialmedia.” But around the outskirts of the buzzgraph, we have a wide variety of words that help to show the wide variety of conversations happening. One major conversation I found seems to be coming from within the US as people were talking about brands they thought were doing a great job in social media, such as “Intel,” “WellsFargo,” “Intel” and “Adobe.” We can also see talk about tools businesses and “brands” are using like “SMM” (social media monitoring tools) and “CMS” (content management systems).

Next, I started to dive into the conversations coming directly from activities and events in our 12 host cities. For our last day of Social Media Week I started looking where it all began, in New York City. On Friday in New York, the people still seemed to be very interested in the panels going on. We can actually see “panel” right in the heart of all the discussions. From the words around it, I found a lot of interesting panel discussions that focused on things like “leveraging” human capital, successful social media “campaigns,” and “platform” discussions around networks like “Pinterest” and “LinkedIn.”

Over in Hong Kong it appeared that a lot of interest was coming from one specific session that was run by Janice, aka @e_”ting.” From what i can tell, Janice is a food blogger and tweeter who seems to be quite well known in Hong Kong. During the session she talked about “food” and “restaurants” but she also went a lot deeper. It appears that she talked about the value of real “people” “sharing” their experiences and the “currency” that is now worth.

In my home of Toronto there were a few things that stood out in Friday’s Social Media Week conversations. First was a session that focused around the art of “storytelling” and how it applies to social media. From what i could gather, one of the main take-aways from that event was that knowing your “audience” helps to create an emotional connection, which then makes you “memorable” to them. The second thing that stood out to me was that people seemed to be greateful for their entire week. We can see that people were saying “thanks” (and “thx”) for all the “insights” they gained over Social Media Week.

Down in São Paulo their seemed top be a conversation that was leading towards two types of “socias” “mídias” (social media) users. Onone hand, I can see talk about the “agência” and “agências” (agency and agencies), while on the other we can see talk about the social media “entusiastas” (enthusiasts).

In San Franciso, we can see that the conversation for Friday seemed to center around the idea of “gamification.” Since San Francisco is a hotbed for social and tech start-ups, the conversation came around using gamification as a way to get users into new services. We can see them talking about gamification around “principles” of “engagement,” “motivation” “interest” and even “influence.”

Finally, I finished up my tour of the world in London. Here I found that the conversation focused around a pannel put on by “Likeminds” entitled The “Future” of “Social.” This panel seemed to be so popular that the hashtag “#greatpanel” even showed up in the buzzgraph. One of the good quotes I was able to find from the session was that “this is not a ‘technological’ ‘revolution,’ but rather about ‘human’ ‘interaction.'”

And now, let’s take a look at the activity levels coming from all 12 of our host cities on Friday:


Hong Kong



New York


San Francisco

São Paulo




Washington DC

Well, that’s it for me and Sysomos. We hope that these blog posts have given you a little insight into all of the great conversations that were happening all over the globe for Social Media Week. We also hope that you all had a great time participating in Social Media Week wherever and whenever you could. I know that we certainly did, and we hope to be part of it again.

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