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Innovation: Social Media Week & Nokia

Innovation: Social Media Week & Nokia


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Innovation. What is innovation? Well, you could say it’s making something better or more effective through the end product, process, service, technology or idea behind it. And instead of just talking about innovation, Nokia got behind it.

Social Media Week London and Nokia partnered up to pay homage to four individuals who have turned the everyday into something amazing. Pulling Tricia Bertero, CMO of textPlus; Becky Straw, Co-founder of The Adventure Project; Jess Ratcliffe, Founder of GaBoom; and Andre Campbell, Founder of Enfuse Youth, SMW London offered attendees the chance to soak up some inspiring stories about starting a business, working for a cause, doing good or turning an idea into a successful career… all with the help of a little social media (of course).

Check out what happened and get inspired.

Nicky Yates @

Director of Communications, Social Media Week