Instagram Your City For Social Media Week and Win A Trip Across The World

Over the past four years, Social Media Week has hosted conferences in more than 26 cities around the world.

To celebrate our sixth global event this coming September, we are asking people around the world to Instagram Your City. There are many photo programs such as Instagram, Nokia Creative Studio, Lightbox, Hipster and StreamZoo that enable you to make beautiful images and share with your friends. So, we’re asking you to use one of these platforms or any filter (or none at all!) to showcase the uniqueness of our host cities. We are looking for the Top 14 submissions to represent each of our 14 cities participating in Social Media Week this coming September, all from your perspective.

Submitting is incredibly easy (And don’t worry, you can still enter even if you don’t have the Instagram app):

1. Take a picture: Using any smartphone device, take a photo that captures the uniqueness and heart of one of the 14 host cities for Social Media Week. (Note: To qualify for the grand prize, photos must be taken with a smartphone and must be of one of the 14 participating cities.)

2. Add a filter: Using any social photography platform, such as Instagram, Hipstamatic, Nokia Creative Studio, StreamZoo, or Lightbox, make your photo stand out. While a filter isn’t necessary to enter, it does make it more fun!

3. Tag & Share: Using #InstagramYourCity, share on Twitter with the city you’re capturing. For example, “Just submitted my entry to @SocialMediaWeek’s #InstagramYourCity for Berlin!”

There’s no limit to the number of entries you can submit, so get creative!

In the coming weeks, we will launch the Instagram Your City special website, which will feature the top 14 city shots. One “Best-in-Show” picture will then be selected from these with the winner being given the opportunity to travel to any Social Media Week city of their choosing during the September 24-28 event.

September’s Social Media Week, powered by Nokia, will be the biggest, most diverse and expansive to-date, with 14 cities hosting, including London, Glasgow, Torino, Barcelona, Berlin, Doha, Jeddah, Hong Kong, Seoul, São Paulo, Bogotá, Chicago, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

“As we continue to add new Social Media Week cities and expand to incredible parts of the world, we are looking to fulfill the adage of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’,” said Toby Daniels, Founder & Executive Director of Social Media Week. “As a celebration of the uniqueness of all of our local cities, the Instagram Your City competition will provide a way to tell stories that cross cultural and geographic boundaries.”

The deadline for submissions is June 29, so grab your smartphone and show the rest of the world what makes your city unique and beautiful.

For full rules and guidelines, see here.


Images courtesy of @rocktheretweet, @vutheara, @shelserkin. This contest is not endorsed or certified by Instagram or Burbn, inc. All Instagram(tm) logos and trademarks displayed here are property of Burbn, Inc.

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  • Alex Cruceru

    just the 4 cities? sure, bye.

  • Cindy

    What if you don’t live in any of the host cities? :( How can we participate?

  • fraidy

    what happened to nyc?

  • Josep M Monti

    Instagram run in Nokia ?

  • Selena Chan

    All the info is included in the T&C link – you have to be a legal resident of age in the countries that are listed. The winner will win a trip to one of the Social Media Week hosting cities of their choice during Social Media Week in September – all info found in the T&Cs….

  • Jugends

    funny that the two picture at the bottom of the article are from Paris and New York… two cities that are not eligible for the contest.

  • Social Media Week

    You don’t have to live in one of the host cities, just that the image is of one of the 14 host cities. The eligible countries for legal purposes are in our Terms and Guidelines. Also, Instagram is not required for the contest- only that you use a smartphone camera. You can use a filter app like Instagram or Nokia’s Creative Studio, or no filter at all. 

    New York is one of our February cities, and we wanted to highlight examples from other cities for inspiration. 

    We’re excited to see what you show us! Thanks! 

  • Ben Scheim

    That was intentional–all three photos are SMW February cities (the top one is Singapore). We wanted to give the audience to submit the best images for each of the September cities!

  • barbaraslade

    Croatia is not among eligible countries….:(

  • Jane

     It’s so great that you guys are sticking with it! I’ve been following the team for some time and am so happy that now (8 months after you posted this) the fire is burning brighter than ever! Way to stay positive and stick with something you love!

  • Alison Stiegler

    I’m not clear on which cities are eligible. Is Miami?

  • Social Media Week

    Any of our 14 host cities, so the ones depicted in our top banner: Barcelona, Berlin, Bogota, Chicago, Doha, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Jeddah, London, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Torino, and Vancouver. 

  • harmonious

    When will more cities be available????? I want to share my Israel album!

  • Buy Instagram Likes

    Too bad that the contest is already ended. Love to participate Instagram contests. Please send me an email next time :)

  • Downtown Albany BID

    Downtown Albany checking in… so sad we missed out on this contest. We just started an Instagram account for our Downtown district, this would have been a great opportunity for us. Check us out @downtownalbany.
    Also, we love the new feature. Since all of our images are within the Downtown district its interesting how you can experience a neighborhood through map view. We will keep an eye out for similar contests, do this one again!
    – Downtown Albany Business Improvement District

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