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欢迎: Welcoming Shanghai to SMW September

欢迎: Welcoming Shanghai to SMW September

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Social Media Week is built on diversity, participation, and sharing of cultures, so we continually seek out new host cities that will deepen the global experience. Today we are thrilled to announce that Shanghai will be joining our lineup of SMW host cities this September, greatly expanding our presence in Asia.

Long known as the Pearl of the Orient, Shanghai is China’s largest, most dynamic and vibrant city. At the cutting edge of fashion, commerce, entertainment and industry, Shanghai is truly the city where China engages the world. With a population approaching 25 million people, it is the Chinese city of style, business, technology and innovation.

Hosted by DT Communications, SMW Shanghai will expand our global experience as it is the first SMW host city from mainland China. For us, this expansion means Social Media Week is now able to bring yet another important set of world perspectives to your experience, from key cities in South America to every major city in Asia, now.

Situated at the mouth of the mighty Yangtze and bisected by the Huangpu river, Shanghai has a character uniquely its own. From the soaring skyscrapers of glass and steel in Pudong, to the Gothic and Art Deco buildings on the Bund, the city richly combines old and new into a seemless, fascinating tapestry.

Divided into districts, each known for its shopping, cultural, entertainment and historical significance, Social Media Week Shanghai will take full advantage of the city’s broad range of unique venues to showcase the development the city’s digital media trajectory.

Want to know a little more about the agency helping make SMW Shanghai possible? Driven by the passion of a group of PR and digital media marketing professionals, DT Communications is devoted to offering the best quality of service to our clients. DT Communication’s consultants possess local, regional and international experience, as well as expertise in the corporate, business to consumer, business to business, social media, business intelligence and internal communication spheres.

You can learn more about the team behind SMW Shanghai and keep up on their local blog and their Weibo account or Twitter.

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