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A New Look Announcing All Things SMW

A New Look Announcing All Things SMW

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What’s the best way to stay on top of all things Social Media Week, like our event submission announcement? Sign up for our newsletter! We’ve rolled out a new look for it, and it’s our primary vehicle for sharing major announcements, practical tips, and more.

We update our global community every two weeks with the latest from Social Media Week, in addition to offerings from our partners. For example, Gabe Zichermann is offering $200 off the GSummit registration price for the Social Media Week family. And our subscribers heard about it first!

This week we also announced that we’ll be opening up event submissions to the public on June 5th, and we want your ideas. During our February event, more than 600 organizations helped to host over 1,000 incredible events, helping our global community explore the societal, cultural and economic impact of social media. Starting June 5th, you can submit your ideas and we’re looking for you to get creative.

Interested, yet? Well, here’s the fun part!

We want your help in spreading the word. So, we’re asking you to follow us on Twitter and tweet about our new newsletter, and then you could win the awesome new Nokia Lumia phone.

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Here’s a sampling of what you can expect from us every other week.

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