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Goodby, Cannes and a Whole Lot of Firsts

Goodby, Cannes and a Whole Lot of Firsts


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The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is usually about firsts. Gather some of the world’s most imaginative and artistic people and you’re bound to get a few surprises.

This year is no exception. Chevy Sonic has opened its first festival exhibit, showcasing cars that  starred in stunts such as  skydiving, bungee jumping and even an OK Go music video. (The Sonic is called the Aveo in markets outside the U.S.)

During a conversation between two Cannes first-timers, Andrew Bancroft, a creative director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, told Arwa Mahdawi of Contagious magazine that working on videos with such extreme physicality was hard, but worth it. 

“The producer was awesome,” he said, “but there was some real tension leading up to these stunts.”  

If you are at the festival, you can hear more about the dare-devil thinking of the Sonic “Let’s Do This” campaign at the Goodby creative panel: Wednesday, June 20, 5.30 pm, Sonic exhibit space, Grand Hotel. Arwa will moderate.

I also had the chance to interview iconic ad man Jeff Goodby (@jeffbadby) about his first time in Cannes and what he likes so much about the Chevy Sonic “Let’s Do This” campaign—which above all celebrates adventure and the never-been-done before.

You can check out our conversation here:

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Sally O’Dowd is a VP and head of the social media team at DiGennaro Communications, a firm specializing in corporate communications for ad agencies, media-buying concerns and entertainment companies. @digennaro @sallyodowd.