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Instagram Your City: Spotlight on Bogota

Instagram Your City: Spotlight on Bogota


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Last September, we were blown away by the creativity that came from our team in Bogota. Producing great videos, pulling in heavy hitting speakers like Peter Shankman and coming up with unique ways to engage the SMW community- all are things we love seeing come from a SMW host city. So, when we launched Instagram Your City, we knew we’d a great and creative perspective of Bogota. And while submissions only total a little over 100, we love what we’re seeing.

There’s still time to add your view of Bogota to the list. Make sure to get your entry in by June 29th! And for inspiration, check out some of our favorites.







Want to see more? Check out all of our favorites on our Bogota Pinterest board. And don’t forget to show us what you love about any of our host cities through #InstagramYourCity using any smartphone photo filter app!

Nicky Yates @

Director of Communications, Social Media Week