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Instagram Your City: Spotlight on Torino

Instagram Your City: Spotlight on Torino


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One week to go for Instagram Your City, and we’re in awe of some of the shots that have been submitted for our host cities. In honor of Italy’s advancement in the Euros 2012, we’re focusing on Torino!

Showing their Italian pride, Torino is a new addition to the SMW line-up for September. Called “The Cradle of Italian liberty”, Torino currently hosts some of the country’s best universities, colleges, and academies and is a major cultural and manufacturing center.

These snapshots show a glimpse into why we’re thrilled to be in Torino for the first time and why the residents love their city- and there’s still time to add your view of Torino to the list.






Want to see more? Check out all of our favorites on our Torino Pinterest board, and then tell us which ones are yours by commenting on the board or using #MySMWPick.

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