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Relax: The Promise of Personal Assistants

Relax: The Promise of Personal Assistants

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We all get busy–and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we were ecstatic when we came across Fancy Hands, a new service that offers a pool of on-demand personal assistants that make it easy to get the little things done. From helping manage your personal calendar to helping us with travel arrangements to sending flowers to your mom, we’ve been impressed with how Fancy Hands are using technology to increase productivity.

We’re pleased to announce today our partnership with Fancy Hands as the Productivity Partner of SMW. They are helping our team magnify our efforts and focus on you, our community. So, in honor of this partnership, we want to give someone in our community a free 3-month trial to their platform. 

Head over to our Facebook page, Like us, then tell us how you would use the Fancy Hands to make you more productive. We’re looking for creativity, so don’t be shy! Show us by July 2 why you need an extra team of assistants! Check out their site to learn more about the platform and how Fancy Hands just helps you get things done.

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