Changing Entertainment: Hangout with Brad Haugen of Scooter Braun Projects

Over the past few months, our founder, Toby Daniels, has been talking with leaders about how social is impacting their industries, from education to productivity tools to entrepreneurship. One industry currently undergoing great changes and growth with the evolution of social media and technology is the entertainment sector- in particular music. With the advent of Pandora moving to Spotify and social music changing how we view and listen to music, it’s one field we’ve been watching with great interest.

This coming Thursday, August 23, we’ll be talking with Brad Haugen, CMO at Scooter Braun Projects and Chairman of the Board at superstar NGO, Pencils of Promise. You may know Scooter Braun Projects as the entertainment company responsible for stars like Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen. Scooter Braun Projects has made a reputation of helping musicians and talent truly engage with fans using the vast array of social and tech tools at their disposal- and ultimately redefining what is now expected of them.

Join us on Google+ on the 23rd at 11:30am EST as we talk with him about how they’ve done this and what this means for the music industry overall.

If you have a question for him, let us know in the comments.

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  • javi

    Yup, Social Media is going to work quite nicely with the
    music industry. I even learned from a Dish coworker that our new Hopper
    HD DVR includes both Sirius AND Pandora music. I can stream at work, from
    my phone, and now in my living room. I wish they didn’t limit the skip
    functions, but I really like that I can “like” my favorite songs, and
    expect to hear them soon after!

  • David

    I’d be curious to hear Brad’s thoughts on traditional FM radio. Does he see it as passé compared to streaming online radio, or is it still important?

  • Erica

    Scooter’s approach to utilizing social media to help fans connect with his artists is groundbreaking and will change the music industry. What do you think are the benefits to this? Are there any negative impacts to social media in the music industry?

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