Social Media Week

My Curated List of the Most Interesting SMW Events Happening Around the World

My Curated List of the Most Interesting SMW Events Happening Around the World

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Each time we host Social Media Week I am shocked. I don’t know why- this is the sixth time we’ve done it, but when I take the time to go through the entire global schedule I am blown away by the extraordinary level of depth and diversity of the programming.

With almost 1,000 events scheduled to take place across 14 cities, this Social Media Week is set to be our biggest yet. But size shouldn’t and doesn’t matter. For sometime now we have been working hard to improve the quality of the SMW experience and this September I am so proud of what we have collectively achieved. And, when I say we, I don’t just mean my team, I mean each of our Local City Organizers and their teams, the 400+ event partners, the 200+ local advisory board members and the thousands of volunteers who are working to make SMW the worlds most connected and collaborative conference.

To give you a sense of what is happening around the world, I have curated a list of my top events (see below). As you work you way down the list, think about the different themes and topics and how they relate to your work, your industry and how they compare to what is happening in your world. Social media is impacting us in so many ways, societally, culturally, politically and economically and the list of events below represents a tiny fraction of what will take place during SMW but still a great reflection of how social media has permeated our lives and impacted the world around us.

Sunday, September 23

The Garden of Lovely (Hong Kong)
My Hong Kong Photograph Contest (Hong Kong)

Monday, September 24

Your Community is More Than a Tool (Berlin)
#2QT2BSTR8: Blogs are Like Spaghetti (Berlin)
Feowl- New Data-Journalism (Berlin)
Hidden Gems: Mining the Open Graph (Berlin)
Coke in Social Media: Together We Can Have a Better World (Bogota)
Is the Internet Important for Small & Medium Businesses (Bogota)
10 Principles for an Open, Connected and Collaborative World with yours truly (Bogota)
Getting Closer to Your Customers: How Google+ Can Help (Chicago)
How To Make Facebook Ads Work for Your Business (Chicago)
When Comedy Meets Social- Creating Something to Laugh About (Chicago)
Photography Workshop: Making Remarkable Images for the Web & Social Media (Glasgow)
Kids, Activism, and Social Media (Glasgow)
Orwell, The Matrix, and the Rangers Tax Case (Glasgow)
Open Government & Citizen Engagement (Jeddah)
Social Media Usage & Trends in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)
Luxury (Finally) Goes Social (LA)
Why LA is the Next Silicon Valley (LA)
Keynote: Adam Garone, CEO of Movember (LA)
What’s Trending SMW LA Edition (LA)
Keynote: Troy Carter, Founder and CEO of Atom Factory of Lady Gaga fame (LA)
Social Media and Urban Development in Hollywood (LA)
SMW LA’s “Social 25″ Party at What’s Trending (invite only) with names like Jason Bentley, Rob Garza, and Rainn Wilson (LA)
#KittenCamp- Memes + Music+ Free Beer (London)
Heroes of Social Innovation, Supported by Nokia (London)
How Social Media Is Changing Politics and Public Affairs (London)
SNS & Korean Presidential Election Campaign (Seoul)
Social Media Meets Government Administration (Seoul)
Sharing Economy- Social Change (Seoul)
Sharing Economy with Taeyeon Kim of Dorm-Surfing (Seoul)
Sharing Economy (Seoul)
Crowdfunding (Seoul)
Think Tank, Learning Stage and Brainstorm Room (Sao Paulo)
Social Media & New Urban Terrorities: The Recovery of Sao Paulo with Ilda Curti of the city of Torino (Torino)
Social Media Startups in Europe (Torino)
Sharing & the Sustainability of Creative Communities (Torino)
Internet Governance Forum Italia (Torino)
The Dark Side of the Net (Torino)
LA Cookie Law (Torino)
Social Media Monitoring, Intelligence, and Brand Chatter (Vancouver)

Tuesday, September 25

Start-up Pitching (Barcelona)
The Art of Strategy (Berlin)
Real Virtuality: Trends in Gameful Innovation (Berlin)
Connecting Your Global Social Strategies- Hosted by Adobe (Berlin)
Crowdfunding for Film (Berlin)
The Power of Conversational Advertising (Bogota)
140 Characters Film Festival (Bogota)
Keynote: Erik Qualman of “Socialnomics” (Chicago)
Warhol Goes Social: Creativity in the Tech Age (Chicago)
Mayor Emanuel’s Digital Trio (Chicago)
Sentiment Analysis- Introduction and Discussion (Glasgow)
Social Media for Beginners Meetup- Overcoming Fears of Getting Involved (Glasgow)
HootUpGlasgow (Glasgow)
Was London 2012 the First Socialympics? (Glasgow)
Stories from the Frontlines of Consumerism (Jeddah)
Ecommerce: How Digital Is Affecting the Business Models of a Few Selected Saudi Businesses (Jeddah)
Social Media as a Care Channel: Useful or a Waste? (Jeddah)
David vs. Goliath: How Do Big Agencies and Small Agencies Stack Up in the New Gig Economy (LA)
Women in Technology: Building Start-ups From the Ground Up (LA)
The Smartest Girls in the Room (LA)
Keynote: Jeff Berman, GM at NFL Digital Media (LA)
How Small Businesses Win In a Socially Connected World (London)
Facebook Marketing ROI: A Masterclass with, The Daily Mail Group and the Humane Society (London)
How Social Media Powered the Pop-Up (London)
“Screen City”: Media from City to City Shares Intelligence (Torino)

Wednesday, September 26

Is Berlin the New Silicon Valley? (Berlin)
Coworking- Why It’s Good for Start-ups (Berlin)
Women In Tech with Caroline Drucker of Etsy (Berlin)
Collaborative Consumption (Berlin)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody… in Chicago (Berlin in conjunction with Chicago’s From Chicago to Berlin: Silent House Party)
Open Education (Berlin)
Vanity Metrics Vs. Success Metrics: Understand the Return on Your Social Efforts with one of our School of Emerging Media & Technology favorite teachers, Sue Koch (Chicago)
The New Learning Landscape: Social Media & New Technology in Education (Glasgow)
How Can We Use Social Media to Improve People’s Nutrition in Scotland? (Glasgow)
Schoeni Galleries and the Art of the 5 Senses (Hong Kong)
Social Media Thoughts: What Makes It Different in the Middle East Than the Rest of the World with The Online Project (Jeddah)
Facebook in the Middle East (Jeddah)
Google Community: Supporting Micro-Communities Within a Broad Audience (LA)
One Million Downloads: Activating the Power of Open Source Culture (LA)
Zach Galifianakis Presents: Craigslist Joe (LA)
Did London 2012 Win “Social Olympics” Gold with Great Britain Gold Medalists Anna Watkins & Pete Reed (London)
Socialympics: Lessons Learned from the Games (London)
Breaking Records- London 2012. The Most Connected Games Ever (London)
Social Media & 2012 London Olympics: Global Sporting Events and the Influence of Scoial Media in the Future (Seoul)
The Convergence of Screens (Torino)
Crowdfunding: Public-Private Partnerships (Torino)
Big Data & Smart Grids (Torino)

Thursday, September 27 Action: Can I Change the World? (Barcelona)
Unruly Social Video Film Festival (LA)
Politics & Social Media (Barcelona)
Increasing Game Lifetime- Don’t Overmonetize (Berlin)
Using Social Networks to Promote Entrepreneurs in Latin America (Bogota)
Keynote: Chicago’s Startup Masters, including GrubHub CEO, Matt Maloney (Chicago)
For Good and Not Evil: Social Media in a Chicago Public School Classroom (Chicago)
The Northern Lights- A Crowdsourced Documentary Film Project (Glasgow)
Empowering Change in the NHS Through Collaboration (Glasgow)
Keynote: Beverly Jackson Director of Marketing & Social Media at the Grammy Awards (LA)
The IAB Debate- Seearch v. Social (London)
Collaborating While Blindfolded: A Lively Debate on Privacy/Anonymity vs. the Collection of User Data with Nick Blunden of the Economist (London)
World Wide Web We or Me? The Relationship Between Companies and Online Customers (Torino)
Armed Conflicts and Social Media (Torino)


Friday, September 28

Transmedia Entertainment: The Role of Directors (Barcelona)
VideoClips: The Evolution on the Internet (Barcelona)
The Rise of the Citizen Expert (Berlin)
Social Quantified Self (Berlin)
Keynote: Chris Kaskie, Pitchfork Media (Chicago)
The Future of Crowdfunding (Glasgow)
Keynote: Valerie Buckingham, Head of North America Marketing at Nokia (LA)
Switched-On, Always On, Mod-Con, or Con? Jack-in Social Panacea, or Real-World Failures (London)
Snog, Marry, Avoid? Activitsts Vs. Corporates in the Public Sector (London)
Dragons’ Den Social Summit (Vancouver)

Of course, this is just a fraction of what is happening around the world and probably only 10% of the total program of activities and events.  To view the full schedule, download our Official SMW Mobile App.


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