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New Solutions for a Connected Planet

New Solutions for a Connected Planet

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After 14 books, our global curator, Don Tapscott’s new book is not a book – it’s an app. And we think you’ll like it.

Thinkers50 and the Rotman School of Management in partnership with The Tapscott Group announce The Don Tapscott iPad App– New Solutions for a Connected Planet. Rather than a book, best-selling author and new media theorist Tapscott has developed an interactive and evolving tool appropriate for the digital age. The app introduces Tapscott’s latest thinking on how we can rebuild 10 institutions including the corporation, government, science, education, the media, democracy and our systems for solving global problems. As such it’s a pretty bold initiative – proposing ideas on how we can do nothing less than rebuild our civilization for the networked age.

The app is an initiative of Thinkers50, the definitive ranking of the world’s living management thinkers (Tapscott is a Top 10 Thinker).

“It’s not that I have completely given up on books,” says Tapscott. “But the digital revolution is changing the book – not just how its distributed and accessed but how authors present content and how they interact with their readers.“

The Don Tapscott app is the first of it’s kind. “It makes sense for us that Don would be the one to pioneer the new model,” says Des Dearlove, co-founder of The Thinkers50. “The Thinkers50 is all about identifying and sharing the very best ideas and Apps offer a fantastic opportunity to do that. It will be interesting to see if it works and if other authors and the industry as a whole turn in this direction.”

The Don Tapscott app also raises interesting issues about business models for content in the digital age. Tapscott has chosen to make the app free and would be delighted to explain why that makes a lot of sense from a commercial point of view.

The app will be available in the Apple App Store starting in early October.

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