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SMW12 in Rewind: Mobilizing Your Community with Movember & Chicago Architecture Foundation

SMW12 in Rewind: Mobilizing Your Community with Movember & Chicago Architecture Foundation


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The topic of how does an organization or brand mobilize your community is one that always needs more light shed on it. Monday featured two events that approached this from different angles.

In The Biggest Charity You’ve Never Heard Of, Adam Garone shares key simple insights on the Movemeber movement that started over drinks with friends and a conversation to bring back the popularity of the mustache and grew into the largest non-government funder of prostate cancer research. The act of sporting a mustache for the 30 days of Novemeber has started 1.9 billion social conversations. Driving home the point “never underestimate word of mouth,” it is king.

To be effective Adam stresses being creative and disruptive. Be heard. Circles of trust are key for charities and social changes that overnight. Last year Movember raised $126M, and the 2012 campaign will focus on the conversation between father and son.

Then, Chicago Architecture Foundation hosted the #SMWCAF talk on how to successfully incorporate social media to promote a major event. They start with stressing the obvious but often forgotten, do not reinvent the wheel. No major strategizing and “selling things” all the time. Photos are instant gratification and people love little factoids and pictures. Do not force your message, listen, respond, interact, and THEN strategize. Cultivate ambassadors by asking people to share and encouraging them to post, and interact!

Trust your social media voice, and don’t be afraid of a mistake. Be transparent; people are human.


Beckie Stravers is a New Yorker, blogger in chief at, and a social media pusher at She loves tweets and the internet, and hopes to see  you around the world wide web. She is one of our four Official Correspondents covering SMW12 for Crowdcentric.