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SMW Stories: We Want Yours

SMW Stories: We Want Yours

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Björn Köcher flew from Hamburg to LA. Caroline Drucker introduced us to Ebba Åkerman and her homeless football world championship challenges. JuntoBox Films taught us how we can get ahead in the entertainment industry using a (better) pitch. Buzzfeed sent their team to Chicago and LA to create some game nights. Jeremy Singer got to try on an Olympic Gold Medal; and Dean McBeth got engaged. Nokia challenged Berlin and London to vote on their bar drinks at the opening and closing parties.

James Vest explored what social media means to him as an introvert. Minister Humza Yousaf declared Scotland is emerging as a tech leader. Ali Bullock took on Shell, Greenpeace and the importance of your choice of words with social media (“Binders full of women”, anyone?). Marta Baqués demonstrated how powerful word of mouth is- relying on Facebook. Nokia Berlin brought in an artist to turn your tweets into graffati, and Italian band Garden of Alibis toured our European cities providing free shows throughout the week to SMW12 attendees.

These are just some of the stories we’ve heard- and we all have a story to tell. You’ve the seen the facts from the week. We’ve shared our highlights. Now, we want to hear your story. What stood out to you? What was your favorite memory or piece of information you heard and why?

Share your SMW12 story with us- tell us how you spent the week of September 24-28 with us.

We’ll be looking for all the creative and interesting stories from the week- and for your time, you just may win our ultimate sponsor prize pack: a Nokia Lumia phone and a $200 gift voucher for Airbnb. Send your story to info @ or use #SMWstory in your tweet or pictures. (Don’t forget to see the full rules here.)

We can’t wait to share your stories! Thanks again for making SMW12 an amazing experience!

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