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Cutting Through the Noise- Nokia’s Tweetsender

Cutting Through the Noise- Nokia’s Tweetsender


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As we close out 2012, there is a general expectation that many global businesses will have some social presence- a Twitter account, online chat features, a Facebook account, etc. In fact, Fortune Global 100 companies are mentioned 10,400,132 times online a month.

The conversation is online.

But with the rapid nature of social media, how can these companies get important and timely messages to stand out? Email can be perceived as spam; tweets can be missed; Facebook posts get lost in the Timeline; and blogs can be overlooked. It’s an issue that takes understanding your audience to really address.

And that’s something our friends at Nokia do a good job of. Looking at this issue, the company has decided it’s time to get creative. Today, they released Tweetsender to a bit of fanfare. Instead of hoping you see one of their correspondences, Nokia users can now sign up to receive DM on Twitter about important updates regarding important app or updates to your phone.

Sounds like an innovative way to cut through the noise. What other companies have you seen doing creative ways to really communicate with their community?