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We learn from the world and in our world, teachers can found be everywhere: our colleagues, people we look up to, a stranger online or notable leaders. They provide feedback and help us ask ourselves the right questions that will guide our actions. They give us the tips and tools mixed with that hint of experience that we can’t find on our own.

In an era of technological addiction and beautiful design, not knowing how to make that amazing idea you had in mind work can be frustrating. Stats, facts & figures and information are largely available on the internet, and they can help. But are they enough to build knowledge? Can they get us to next level? People who know how to find the right idea, develop a running prototype of their product and get people to use it have an incredible asset. And they might be able to help.

That’s why we’ve asked two incredibly talented entrepreneurs Shaun Abrahamson (founder of Mutopo and Seed Investor at EigenValue Fund) and Jack Zerby (founder of and and former Design Director at Vimeo) to share with us the secrets of crowdstorming and design.

Brainstorming is an old art but thanks to online tools and resources it’s now possible to bring together much, much larger groups to help you in get better ideas, more quickly. This process is called Crowdstorm: Learn to Brainstorm at Internet Scale with a master in the field to successfully plan and run crowdstorms.

Does it drive you nuts when you have an AMAZING product but have no idea why more people aren’t signing up (and maybe even leaving for your competition)? You now have a chance to learn how to Build Insanely Effective Landing Pages With Old School Secrets with killer copy and intentional design from one of the best starting today.

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