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SMW13 Recap: Get Productive with Nokia@Work

SMW13 Recap: Get Productive with Nokia@Work


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This SMW13, we partnered with our friends Nokia@Work to bring you tips to enhance your productivity. From how you structure your day to how your brain actually processes information, the Nokia@Work Designing Your Day series gave attendees practical information to make their lives better.

Bringing in Paul McGinniss, Director of Training & Delivery for NeuroLeadership Group, we started the week with a neuro-scientific perspective on how to work with your brain to get the most out of your day. Basic information like two hours of highly cognitive work is really possible for each of us each day. Then, we looked at how you structure your day, including the best strategies for it.

Taking the concept further, the team then brought in a panel to discuss work/life balance. Looking at the balance from the angle of our connections, management of time and engagement with social media. Finally, the series capped out with a look at why work sucks for many people, discovering why it is magic for others and inventing ways to make it better for everyone. In our most practical event of SMW13, our teachers took to helping each attendee reconsider their workday and what productivity obstacles are hindering their advancement.

See the whole series below: