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Instagram and Waze Come to Windows

Instagram and Waze Come to Windows

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We’ve long been advocates of our partner, Nokia. So, today, when we heard that both top apps, Instagram and Waze, are NOW available for Windows users, we got excited.
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Many of our staff are Nokia users. So, once these popular apps became available, we started downloading them immediately. With more than 150 million users around the world, Instagram is now available for what is one of the world’s best smartphone cameras. This means your Instagram feed just got better.

Instagram worked with Windows to maximize the the amazing Lumia camera. A button within the app links out to the camera, and returns the photo after it’s taken to apply a filter and upload it. This means your photos will have the benefits of using your Nokia camera normally. As with many other Windows Phone apps, Instagram for Windows Phone will have a Live Tile. This functionality updates with data on the Start screen as well as support for fast-resume.

With the addition of Waze, the navigation on Nokia just took a leap. Not your standard traffic and navigation app, Waze utilizes the crowd to help source real-time road conditions, saving time and gas money. Coupled with HERE, Waze lets you outsmart traffic and improve your commute.

These two apps are just the latest to arrive to the Windows platform. Vine recently joined up, giving Windows an even deeper and richer mobile experience. More than 500 apps pour into the Windows Phone Store each day, giving more options than you ever thought.

Learn more about this release and why we’re thrilled for Nokia here. We can’t wait to come up with some fun interactions to show off just what you can now do with the Lumia. Stay tuned for February.

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