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When it comes to the current power of social media there is a lot of discussion of metrics and measurement and engagement. What do those numbers mean for a traditional medium like television? Metrics like Nielsen ratings is how the TV industry gets paid, but how much of a role can social play in driving…

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mainstream media vs social media in journalism

Image // via attendee @digitalhen A lively debate took place in Hong Kong Thursday evening between traditional journalists and social media news breakers and what the differences mean for the future of news consumption. Vocal panelists included Angie Lau (Bloomberg Television), Asha Phillips (, and Mariko Sanchanta (Wall Street Journal). Sanchanta started off by stating…

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London got together in a packed house on Thursday to talk fashion for almost an entire day for #SMWLdnFashion. Partnering up with Nokia, major topics included: Influence, engagement, & customer service Who’s rocking social fashion Data driven fashion and the death of trends The future of fashion Fashion is becoming highly data driven and some…

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Image // via attendee @NedPoulter  In the #SMWPopUp discussion led by panel comprised of Andrew (Box Park), Alice (Art of Dining), Max (Art Wednesday), Sam (Chinwag), & Dan (Young & Foolish). One theme rang true for almost two hours of discussion. Photos/Images/Pictures. Pictures of food. Food is the ingua franca (or working language, bridge language,…

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Image // via attendee @schnayd Ollie Lloyd of @gbchefs started off the discussion on the social business of food driving home the basic 3 rules of social strategy. Make it look good, make it worthy of sharing, and start a conversation! With special emphasis on the “looking good” part. Spend money on great design, there…

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Image // via attendee @Daljit_Bhurji Sally Whittle (Founder of Tots 100), Carrie Longton (Co-founder of Mumsnet), and Rosemary Duff (Research Director at ChildWise) sat on the panel for #SMWLondon discussing how brands can best approach the modern mother through social media and traditional media. The discussion was a chocked full of powerful data with top numbers…

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The crowd in Los Angeles Wednesday night for #SMWFashionLA certainly showed up to the Egyptian Theatre charged and social. So much so that the award to funniest cheeky hashtag goes to #somanyiphonesandipads. Speaking to the type of consumer and user that is driving social fashion at the moment, they’re hyper tuned in, hyper connected, and…

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People in Chicago Wednesday might have happened upon one of the funniest things they had ever seen or one awesomest things they had ever participated in. Sponsored by Tostitos, #SMWSilentHouse was a “silent” dance party of sorts. Across the Atlantic a DJ was spinning house music in Berlin which was being broadcast to headphones of…

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Tuesday in Los Angeles hosted some great discussion on the gender roles in social media and technology sectors. The panel at #SMWLAGoingBig hosted five incredibly smart and articulate ladies including Taryn Southern (@ScienceInc), Rachel Mordecai (Modecai Inc.), Jamie Kantrowitz (Gobbler), Sarah Hall (Harley and Company), and Amaryllis Fox (Mulu). These ladies are often viewed as…

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A few topics in Tuesday’s events focused on using social media to draw out unlikely fan engagement through inclusive or exclusive content. For instance #SMWCreativity in Chicago discussed the boom of visually based platforms such as Instagram and their effect on the creative and artistic world. With everyone being creator of content, what sets social apart…

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