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To put it simply, education is really complex. And complex problems require innovative solutions. Ollie Bray, Deputy Head Vice Principal at Grantown Grammar School. According to Bray, young people are not the same as they used to be. One of the reasons is they now have an unlimited access to information via the Internet. And they like…

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How do children communicate? That was a topic of discussion this week, as experts on adolescent communication gave presentations and answered audience questions about social media use for youngsters. Here are some of the highlights: Children are spending more time indoors today, which increases their likelihood to use social networking sites and play video games….

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Without a doubt, the Internet and social media have revolutionized what and how we communicate today. It began with mobile phones, effectively starting a trend for the need for instant information. Internet brought real-time sharing and a real-time wave to help solve problems, ease engagement, and increase sharing. And today, through social media, anyone can…

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It gets better. That’s the message Brian Pines, one of the directors of the It Gets Better Project and Ryan Lombardini, digital marketing manager for The Trevor Project seek to share with members of the LGTBQ community. For the It Gets Better Project, It began with a single YouTube video by syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage and his partner Terry…

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