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Despite the attention on the two teams that battled it out at Super Bowl XLVIII this past weekend, most eyes in the advertising world were focused on the commercial breaks. The Super Bowl is a serious investment for brands and advertisers because of both the cost of securing ad time and the number of consumers…

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The definition of real-time marketing continues to be elusive. Many have tried to emulate the success of brands that have capitalized on events of cultural significance. These attempts have had varying degrees of success, but what they all have in common is a reliance of quick and reactive marketing over smart and pre-informed marketing using…

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Two of the world’s most recognizable hip-hop stars are duking it out on the sales charts this summer. Both Jay-Z and Kanye West recently released new albums, which have a lot of music fans talking across the social web. Networked Insights took a closer look at the data around Jay-Z and Kanye to discover: +…

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With over 24 million conversations taking place across social media, Super Bowl XLVII proved to be the most socially engaged Super Bowl ever. Networked Insights was able to navigate the social media “field” during the game, providing insights into the what people were talking about in terms of the advertisers, teams, and even the spectacular…

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Super Bowl XLVII is shaping up to be a social media spectacle. As the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers make their way to New Orleans to battle it out on the field, another war is being waged across the social web. Which team has the advantage? What are the top themes being discussed? What…

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For elite brands, celebrity endorsement is a powerful marketing tool and there is no bigger stage to leverage celebrity partnerships than the Super Bowl. However, for a majority of brands, justifying the investment for a multi-million dollar brand ambassador has traditionally not been feasible. That’s beginning to change thanks to the equalizing effect of the…

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From time to time people ask me if social media marketing is really worth it. I’m astonished people still feel this way and wonder what they are doing wrong to prompt them to ask such a question. After all, hasn’t social media proven to be a liberating and equalizing force bringing people together around shared…

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The holiday season is my favorite time of year. It’s not just the festive decorations, Christmas themed music, ugly sweaters and copious servings of eggnog that make me joyful, it’s going to the movies! This time of year I work hard to avoid shopping malls by watching as many films as I possibly can. Since…

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5 Ways Social Media Is Improving Television

  The convergence of media and the proliferation of content are creating unparalleled opportunities for the television industry. TV is entering an era in which profitable, engaging, viewer-informed programming can take the industry to new economic and cultural heights. For the first time, powerful technologies enable us to gather real-time data and use it to…

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NYU professor Dr. Paul Horn famously said “Innovation occurs at the intersection of invention and insights.” In today’s climate of rapid decision-cycles, successful marketing is as much about discipline as it is vision. The challenge throughout the process – conceptualization, architecting, development, and launch – is staying true to the insights that originally revealed the…

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