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This is the first post in a two-part series. For the second post, click here. For Brittany VanBibber, it was talking with Jonah Peretti, CEO of Buzzfeed. For Joe Goeghan, meeting Marc Landsberg, CEO of Chicago-based socialdeviant, counted most. For Oghene Oyiborhoro, rubbing shoulders with Upworthy and Zipcar’s CEO was “encouraging for a young upstart.”…

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This is the second post in a two-part series about SMW NY. For the first post, click here. If you read the first post recapping the SMW Press Corps’ coverage of SMW NYC, then you know that the event’s student journalists are keeping the incredible array of content alive via digital format. And we have…

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By Sally O’Dowd and Annie Granatstein of OpenCommunications When Hassan Kinley first heard about Instagramers Gallery, a new digital collection of global photography and contest, he knew his arty readers would want to know about it. He posted an article on his publication’s website, Karin + Raoul, to reach its “broad community of entrepreneurs, artists, and photographers.” And then, as…

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britta and ben palmer

Big data, technology, ads, and everyday people: They are all converging in our multiscreen world. Such was the concurrent idea at least week’s event hosted by the Art Directors Club, which is soon changing its name to ADC to reflect that creative ideas now come from anywhere, not just artists and creative directors at ad…

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“It’s all about mobile.” “TV’s still have room to grow.” “The advertising industry will be screen agnostic.” These are just a few of the reactions from Tremor Video executives after touring the exhibits at last week’s International Consumer Electronics Show.  Here’s our take on what we saw in relation to video advertising and content. Transmedia storytelling …

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Elizabeth Valleau left ad agency R/GA and started gourmet food company Empire Mayonnaise. Brandon Burns left BBDO China/Proximity China to start, which helps people connect over projects. David Carson left Ogilvy & Mather to launch music TV channel Fuse and, an entertainment site. These are just three of the many ad industry creatives…

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In the marketing world, we often hear about the importance of having a point of view. If you don’t, you risk being a commodity instead of a unique generator of ideas. Marc Landsberg is known for having a point of view. Several years ago, just before Facebook launched to the public, he was CEO of Arc Worldwide,…

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After more than four decades of brutal conflict, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011—becoming the world’s newest country. It faces a long road ahead as it continues to battle poverty, illiteracy and a weak infrastructure. Investing in social media might sound like a luxury in such a context, yet information-sharing and…

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If you’re following the news and surfing your social networks today, you’ve probably heard about the two-year prison sentence given to three members of the Russian puck band Pussy Riot. The women are being jailed for a “punk prayer” that they sang in a Moscow cathedral to get rid of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Needless…

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Instead of hooking up with loads of girls, today’s guys should aim for street cred by over-indulging on something else, says a team of writers at GQ. That thing would be TV. “Telling people ‘I hooked up with thirteen women this weekend’ makes you sound like a creep,” according to GQ’s June article, Stop Flipping!…

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